I Was The "Fat Kid" Sitting Next To Nicole Arbour

Dear Nicole Arbour,

First and foremost I would like to congratulate you on going viral on your latest video “Dear Fat People”. Going viral is not an easy feat, and it seems like you have done it three times in the last month!


You made fun of Instagram models; you made fun of divorce, and you made fun of “fat” people. You seem to have the secret to “click” success…All in the name of comedy.

Your latest video showed more of a hatred towards the obese which is not anything new. Most people do not like us. It is not very brave to make fun but rather pretty easy. You had some fact that 35% of North America is (insert cute voice) “Weally Weally Obese!” But hey, when you are society beautiful I guess you can get away with misinformation.

You made the comment that there was no such thing as fat shaming. And if there is it should be made to shame people to lose weight. You made accusations that fat people are stupid and what I got out of it was “you should love yourself unless you are fat.”

All in the name of comedy.

Around 4 minutes and 30 seconds of your video, you talked about a very “fat” child that you had to sit next to. He smelled like sausages, and you had to put the armrest to separate the fat from your seat. Then you claimed you had to hold the fat with your hands while we were flying. And after that you looked at the child and said “make better choices”.


I was that child and that was my family.

I have been the butt of numerous jokes. It is easy right. We do not look alike. You are thin, and I am fat. You are attractive and I am not so much.


So I am obviously the weaker one.

I have been made fun of for my weight ever since I can remember. I am an easy target. Everyone has problems.Mine are just more visible. I have been laughed at by plenty of guys and even cheerleader type girls.I think you were a cheerleader your whole life.


Of course not all cheerleaders were cruel and I would never say they are. But you seem to enjoy representing them and their views in your videos.

See, people always told me I was lazy. All I had to do was eat less and move more. That was all. PRAYERS SOLVED! There is so much more to losing weight. That is the simple answer for anyone who has no idea what being obese is. That would be telling an alcoholic to stop drinking. Or a cocaine addict to just stop snorting. Or a gambler to just stop.


Sounds easy right?

And that is the meanness you did to me on the plane that day.

The truth is you humiliated me by yelling and screaming about my weight. You made a mockery of a little boy for being different than you. You never had to “push my fat” with your hands, but you did make a spectacle of my weight. You never had to put the armrest between us because I was not close. But you wanted to make me feel that way. You wanted to make me feel ashamed for my weight.


Of course there is no such thing as “fat-shaming” in your world.

As you told me that day…“Make better choices.”

You did not even know that on that day I hit my 10 pounds lost mark that day on the plane.


That is not even the point. I gained and lost my whole life. I am not lazy. I am a hard worker and honestly Nicole, I am a human being just like you.

But all fat people are lazy in your eyes. All fat people are stupid in your eyes. Fat is disgusting in your eyes.


Not to me.

It is who I am and I love myself. Worry about yourself and not those around you. And I will never forget the way you made me feel that day.


But I have grown up since then. I have and will always continue to struggle with my weight. I will always love myself and honestly…I will never lose weight because of hate or your horrible words.No one should.

So once again congratulations on going viral. I am glad it came at the expense of making fun of my family…


And me.


Fat Kid On The Plane

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