On March 16th, Kelly Roberts decided to do something during the NYC Half-Marathon. She took selfies of herself with hot guys and posted them on Instagram. It became an internet sensation. She took one picture for every mile (13 all together). She even came up with a hashtag #hottguysofthenychalf.

It went viral. When things go viral, people want to imitate it. So Ashley Hesseltine wanted to do the same. She took more pictures and selfies, except for one thing. She did not pay to be in the race. She is what they call a “bandit” which is theft. It is one of the reasons that entry fees for races are so high.

Tony Posnanski, known for open letters and pretending to be in every viral story on the Internet, heard about all of the selfies and marathons and bandits and Instagrams. So he decided to do something about it.

“I worked out this morning when someone told me about the Georgia woman who did not pay for a race. I already heard of the woman who took pictures while running a race. All of it did not add up, so I thought I would try to do it right.” Tony said.

What Tony actually did is probably one of the most ridiculous things possible. After he ran four miles and did a leg workout, his wife asked him to get a few things for the house.

“While I was at Sam’s Club I thought about it. Hey, I am a runner. Hey, I take selfies. Hey, I pay for things. Why don’t we combine everything and try to win the Internet!” Tony told me in an exclusive interview.


So Tony did just that. He decided to take selfies of sh*t he paid for with the receipt.

He tried to do them in a sexy way, but he kind of looked a little creepy in each picture.


“I did not look creepy! I looked tough.” Tony said.

Tony Posnanski did not look tough. Known for crying during Disney movies and viral marriage proposal videos, Tony is the least tough person I have interviewed. Plus, he never smiles and has stinky feet.


Tony decided to post his pictures on his Instagram account where he has started the hashtag #selfieswithreceipts. You probably know that Tony has an Instagram account because he promotes it 30 times a day.

So far, he has received one like. That like is from himself. The fact that he liked his own picture is straight up cray cray.


We asked Tony what he plans on accomplishing with this movement.

“Maybe people will take selfies either during a break from a run or after a run. Not while running and looking in a camera. Maybe people will pay for a race and not jack up prices all over the country. Maybe people will know I have an Instagram account and maybe people will realize I am bald. Hey also, can you let people know I have a Pinterest page as well?”


Tony has a point. If you are going to enter a race you should pay for it. If you are going to take a selfie during a race, you should have someone else take an action shot. If you are bored during a race, then you should push yourself harder. Of course, these are strictly opinions.

Tony Posnanski is not taking the world by storm with his #selfieswithreceipts campaign. So far he has raised zero dollars and even lost three Instagram followers.

We had one last question for Tony Posnanski. Why the heck would you take a selfie with a cucumber?


“No comment. NO COMMENT”