Melissa Foreman is no stranger to the media. After losing close to 200 pounds, she made the decision to get rid of her loose skin through surgery. She blogged about it and was written about by many UK news outlets including The Daily Mail and The Mirror earlier this year.

Recently Melissa was approached by The Sun in the UK for an article. What the article was supposed to be about was how to get children more active and how the government could help with this. Melissa, who is now very active, believes that children and adults alike could benefit from exercise.

During the interview she was asked about her own gastric bypass surgery. Melissa has been very upfront about it through her own writing. She has said numerous times that it is not an easy fix, it was her last resort, and that she would not tell anyone anything different. She was very much taken aback when she was asked about bariatric surgery for children. As Melissa said

“I was specifically asked what my thoughts were about bariatric surgery for children, which was odd. But, in no uncertain terms I said I would never recommend any weight loss procedure for anyone else’s child or mine. It’s a last chance saloon in my opinion. As I had it myself I also no its no easy answer as it doesn’t address your brain.”


They did a photo shoot with Melissa and her six-year-old daughter for the article. The article was supposed to about getting kids more active. The article was supposed to be about Melissa and focusing on physical fitness.


So it was a huge shock when Melissa saw the headline “Doughnuts for breakfast, chocolate for lunch...but mum want NHS to pay for obese daughter’s, 6, gastric op”

The whole article was a fabricated piece saying that Melissa wants her child to have bariatric surgery at age six, that she feeds her daughter doughnuts, she demands the government to pay for it, and that surgery is an easy option.” She wrote about her thoughts here.


Melissa was furious and in tears. Mostly due to the fact that not only does it shed her daughter in a horrible light, but people who have been reading the article have been attacking Melissa and her child.

Melissa has asked The Sun to take down the article, which they refused. Not only is it a fabrication but it is slander. “They even took pics from my blog of me having beauty treatments that I was reviewing for a post and saying they were pics of my needing iv vitamin therapy due to my weight loss!!” Melissa said.

Like most people Melissa has her ups and downs with weight loss. Although she had surgery she knows this was in no way an “easy way out”. She is asking for people to share her true story and hopefully garnish enough attention to take down the horrific liable one that puts everyone with a weight issue looks worthless.