People love to bash overweight people. I know I was bashed. People told me it was so easy to lose weight. All I had to do was eat less and move more. SIMPLE!

Well, to those who say weight loss does not take courage……

This is me at 371 pounds I walked into the gym for the first time. I just lost a little less than 50 pounds. My back still hurt and I went on the treadmill. I lasted 48 seconds and I was exhausted afterwards. I did not want to go back, the next day.I swear people were laughing at me. Maybe they were or maybe it was in my mind. Yet, I found every bit of courage to go back.

This is me at 315 pounds. I just lost a little over 100 pounds. I went to get a salad. I was already having a bad day and when I ordered it, the cashier looked at me like “Really? You probably eat more than salads!!” I did want more than a salad. I remember hearing in my mind "just this one time."Yet, that is all I ate. I only ate a salad.


This is me at 280 pounds. I told someone that I lost 140 pounds. He looked at me and said “Big deal. You have a long way to go!” I wanted to punch him yet I kept my mouth shut and stayed on plan. I knew I had a long way to go. Sometimes I just wanted the journey to end.


Well, at 220 pounds I went on the scale and after losing 200 pounds I got frustrated. I gained a pound. I could not understand because I was perfect on eating and working out that week. I wanted to switch things up but I did not. I did what made me successful after losing 200 pounds.

This is me today. Still fighting. Still struggling. Still realizing that weight loss takes a lot of courage.


When I started to gain weight after losing I got frustrated at times. But I knew that I learned enough by being over 400 pounds that I did not want to be there again. I realized there is nothing wrong with struggling. Everyone does.

Weight loss is easy for some yet hard for others. Just like relationships and finance. Just like keeping a job and parenting.

My journey is not about “Eating Less and Moving More”. It is about fighting and overcoming weaknesses. Knowing that struggling is worth it because the reward is great. To be able to play with my son or hug my wife. Worth nights of going to bed hungry.


So weight loss does take courage. All weaknesses do.

And every superhero has a weakness…..

Mine is food.